After the installation process, you need to configure Communicator.

Click on the Communicator icon and the Profile wizard will appear. To continue with the configuration click the Next button.

1. Account details

Make sure you have received your account details from your system administrator or account manager. The received details must include:

  • Account

- E-mail, for example:

- User password, for example: 93sU2e_2%

  • Advanced

- Server address, for example: or

- SIP proxy (leave empty to use server settings)

NOTE: In Communicator 5.x, instead of an extension and secret, users will provide their e-mail associated with extension and User password.

After you click Next, Communicator will try to connect to the specified server with the user's account details. If the account details are wrong, a red warning will appear. Otherwise, a Change Password pop-up window will appear telling you to change your password since this is the first time you are logging in. Your password has to be at least 8 characters and 85% secure. Users are required to change this password on login and once changed it is hashed and unknown for all administrators of the system.

2. Communicator edition

  • Select Communicator edition. You may choose between Office, Business, Agent (Call Center), or Supervisor (Call Center).

3. Setup office and mobile phone

  • Setup your Office phones. If you choose softphone, you will be able to place and receive calls using your computer. If you choose desk phone, you can control calls on your IP desk phone from your computer. Selecting the checkboxes for both desk phone and softphone will allow users to switch between devices when initiating a call and also to pick which device they would like to answer incoming calls on.

NOTE: If you use Polycom phones, click on 'My desk phone is Polycom'. Provide the phone's IP address and click Configure. This will help Communicator to identify and configure Polycom phones.

  • In Communicator 5.x, users can assign Mobile Numbers that they would like to receive calls on when not at their desk. Click the Mobile tab and click + icon to add Mobile phone number and it’s label.

Click Next and a configuration summary window will appear. Please check the profile details and make sure they are correct.

Click Finish and you will be automatically logged in with your account. Now you are ready to use Communicator with all its features.